Howard’s Way Ahead


Howard is on a great new journey from rescue to remarkable in his new daily musings.

So join him on his way ahead … Howard’s Way Ahead!

Howard’s Way Ahead!

Streams and Chimneys

Ribbies and Laundry and Baths! (Oh My!)

A Terrier and a Gentleman

All Good Things

Coal Runnings

Love London

Desktop Support

A Grin Without a Cat

Something in the Wind

Don’t Give Away the Ending!

Eggs and Omelettes

img_1793All the Right Noises

Heart and Parcel

Rain or Shine, Never Mind

Getting Way Ahead

Opposites Attract

A Cat May Look at a Spring!

Onto a Good Spring!

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Day-Time

Speak My Language

img_2026Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Sweater Weather

Shop Around

Seating Arrangements

Office Supplies

Spring in My Step!

img_2040Hello Kitty

Kitties and Kringles

Pillow Talk

Taking the Heat

In Perspective

Just My Luck!

Rocket Man

Three, Four, Knock on the Door!

img_2445Winning Friends and Influencing People

Can Do!

Paper Tiger

Halloween’s a Scream!

The More the Merrier

A Parson Russell Jack of All Trades

The Numbers Game

Fired Up and White Hot


Howard’s Way With Words

Do Reindeer Really Know How to Fly?

His Name is Jeff

What Gives?

Line of Least Resistance

Spring Fever!

Let the Poo Bags Roll!

When It Rains, It Purrs

Expect Surprises

Terrier Unlimited!