Meet Roxy! – ADOPTED!

Roxy is a 5 year old pug, small in size and big in sass! Roxy is with Friends of the Animals Wales while she looks for her new home. UPDATE: Roxy has been adopted!

Let’s meet Roxy!

31133686-7E3A-4DA1-8B8B-AE0B540F0089BTD: How did you come to find yourself in rescue?

Roxy: I don’t really know. I think I was too much personality for what must have been a very boring human.

BTD: And what are your favourite interests?

Roxy: Everything. I love people … all of them … doesn’t matter what size or shape or whatever. They are all great. And cuddles, I love cuddles. And ears, I like to nibble ears. And tickles. You would do well to tickle my tummy all day actually. Could you have that arranged for me please?

BTD: Speaking of your tummy, how do you keep fit?

Roxy: What are you implying?

BTD: Well, do you enjoy the great outdoors?

530031A2-4384-4B79-B451-FF465AABA426Roxy: I like to chase birds. Even if they are flying, I like to give them a run for their feather. This technique of trying to chase birds in the sky has had some unintended consequences, however, such as running into buildings, lamp posts, bus shelters. So if you could arrange for the relocation of all obstacles that would be grand. When I am not flying into the sides of buildings I like lots and lots of walks.

BTD: What would you like to see in your ideal home?

Roxy: I would like a television (I love television) and a pedestal. I like to be on a pedestal (at the moment it is a wooden shoe cupboard, but I am serious here, I must have a pedestal).

BTD: How do you feel about other dogs?

Roxy: I do not like them. Other dogs would mean less time spent tickling my tummy. So that is never going to work for me.

BTD: And cats?

Roxy: I have heard they also demand tummy tickles. So it’s a no from me.

BTD: What does it mean to be part of 30 for 30?

Roxy: I hope it means, welcome home, Roxy!

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