All In Advent

All in Advent Window 15!

December 15 and the weather is grey, open this window and make someone’s day!

Today, create a special day for someone you love.

There are lots of special days that people have invented for every day in the calendar, even today! Some people celebrate today as anything from Cupcake Day to Cat Herders Day. But for this window, the challenge is to invent your own … in other words, we want you to make someone’s day! Whether it’s “Kindness to Colin” day or “Valuing Veronica” day or “Thanking Theo” or “Adoring Auden” day, it’s all about making a special someone their very own special day, and celebrating it every year!

So today, make someone’s day! We are thinking of making today hereafter our official Deputy Day … because even Deputy deserves a day!

And as you make your days to Christmas, don’t forget to celebrate your kindness in all the usual ways – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email – go on, let’s make a day of it!

All in Advent! Are you in? Because we are all in! 💖


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