Meet Chouquette and Donnie!

Ms Chouquette (a Wire Fox Terrier cross) and Mr Donnie (a Wire Fox Terrier) love each other so much that they are looking for a home together. They are currently with Terrier SOS UK while they wait for their special someone who wants not just one, but two adorable terriers!

This beautiful pair missed out on finding a home in the original November campaign. So they are joining us again for the April campaign. Let’s find them a fantastic home together!

Let’s meet Chouquette and Donnie!

323375AD-3568-44D6-8A56-D00DACFC2E3EBTD: You two didn’t start out as a double act. So how did you both end up in rescue and how did you become such good friends?

Chouquette: I was being used for hunting, and eventually I slowed down, so they just abandoned me. I ended up in rescue and luckily for me Terrier SOS came to my aid and brought me to the UK. Terrier SOS also works with Fox Terrier Rescue UK and they gave me a bed in their kennels while I waited for an expert foster. And it was there that I met and fell in love with Donnie.

Donnie: I remember when I first set eyes on Chouquette. We were both so nervous and confused by our new surroundings and all the new faces. But I saw Chouquette and I immediately felt better. It was like we had always known each other. Before Chouquette, I wouldn’t play with anyone. In fact, I wouldn’t talk to any of the other dogs at all. And as for people, I thought they were the most frightening and unnecessarily tall things I knew. But along came Chouquette, and we became each other’s whole world. Once we had that, we could start to look out at the rest of the world as well.

BTD: What kind of home would you both like?

Chouquette: Well, we are not puppies. I am 12, and Donnie is a strapping 9 (I’m the Helen Mirren to Donnie’s Colin Farrell …). So we are not going to run race tracks around the house, or shred cushions during sofa zoomies, or climb trees looking for squirrels … actually, it’s all sounding rather good, isn’t it!? We want to retire together, grow even older together, and remember each day how lucky we are to have found each other.

Donnie: Every day with Chouquette is my idea of happiness. My favourite thing is to lie in the sun in the garden (it happens in the UK sometimes, really it does), playing with Chouquette, maybe even somewhere in the country. That would be wonderful.

Chouquette: And cuddling our family at night. Despite our awful starts, having humans of our own to cuddle is our biggest dream. Nothing would be more amazing than to share a sofa and watch movies. Or sleep through them. We want a life full of choices.

BTD: And what does being a part of Be That 30 for 30 mean to you both?

Chouquette: We have already been so very lucky, just finding our way out of the shelters and to a loving rescue in the UK. But to find our own home, together, would be amazing.

Donnie: We found each other. Now we just need to find that human.

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