Boots and All!

During the Be That 30 for 30 campaign, all the 30 for 30 dogs will be guest bloggers for Be That Dog in Meet That 30 for 30!

7C805FF6-CBF7-4812-8E69-42EFAED96C21Here you can meet Boots. Boots is a very special Deerhound cross with a great story to tell. You can read all about it, Boots and all!

UPDATE: Boots has been adopted!

  • Boots and All! - I’m Boots. And I’m a Deerhound cross and I’m always smiling. There’s an expression, to have your heart in your boots, which means to be really, really sad. Well, I have been […]
  • Boots and All! - I’m Boots. I’m very loyal and loving, but my old humans seemed to have boots that were made for walking, because they dropped me off at rescue one day and never came […]