Meet Henry!

Henry is a very handsome 3-4 year old Wire Fox Terrier, currently in rescue with Terrier SOS UK.

You may remember Henry from the November campaign. Poor Henry is still waiting for a home, so he is with us again for the April campaign. Let’s make sure he finds a wonderful home this time!

Meet Henry!

BE5050C4-CA82-4B87-8471-4BDAD1B4D744BTD: So, Henry, how did you get to rescue?

Henry: I was the victim of the puppy mill trade in France. I had never known what it was like to be indoors, to be with humans. I spent every day in a cage. Luckily for me and for all the others in the puppy mill, it was closed down. Unfortunately though, my transition to home life wasn’t an easy one, and my new family gave up on me, and I was returned to the shelter. But I’m one of the lucky ones. I was rescued by Terrier SOS UK.

BTD: And what is your favourite new experience so far?

Henry: Well, one of the most amazing new experiences was to feel grass for the first time. I love grass. I love sniffing it, lying in it, rolling in it. How is this stuff not everywhere? It’s incredible!11E16906-A4E9-405E-BC8F-C67BC53A0BC7

BTD: What are some of your other new interests?

Henry: I liked going to the beach. Unfortunately we had to get there in a car, and I don’t really like car journeys. But sometimes good things don’t come easily. That said, I love learning. I like to think of myself as a bit of a clever clogs.

BTD: And how is the social life?

Henry: I really love other dogs. In fact, I love them so much that I am working on learning to play it a bit cooler. I don’t want to look stupid in front of my friends.

BTD: What are your special skills?

776A4E62-9F58-4B5F-A657-2B7E2CE4B1C3Henry: Wagging my tail, sniffing, sleeping, and reading. Well, who knows what I get up to when my humans are away, but I have no separation issues at all. So it has to be reading or TV.

BTD: What would be your ideal home?

Henry: Somewhere with grass. Or at least access to grass. Preferably inside as well, maybe as a rug or a sofa. I really like grass.

BTD: And what does it mean to you to be part of Be That 30 for 30?

Henry: It means the world. And getting to see so much of it for the very first time. Especially grass.

You can read all of Henry’s stories in Henry’s Search for the Green, Green Grass of Home.


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