Meet Cassie!

Cassie is a very beautiful Fox Terrier lady, approximately 7 years old, and currently with Terrier SOS (in Norfolk) while she waits for a home.

Cassie was with us for the November campaign, but sadly did not find a home. And so she is with us again for April. Let’s make sure she doesn’t get overlooked this time. Cassie is a beautiful and loving girl!

Let’s meet Cassie!

0F31F248-6A90-434A-AB20-3511410D6D80BTD: Cassie, how did you end up in rescue?

Cassie: Well, I had spent most of my life in a pen in Spain, and so I barely noticed that I had wound up in rescue. But there I was, suddenly without a home. And then Terrier SOS rescued me. But now, over a year later, I am still waiting! To be honest, I cannot really understand what I am doing wrong. Every time I catch a glimpse of myself in the shelter windows, I am stunned at how gorgeous I am … once I get over the fact that there is a dog staring at me out of the glass of the shelter windows.

BTD: You have had a fairly lonely life in a way, Cassie. How do you feel about humans now?

Cassie: Oh, I love them! Which is great, because that is in keeping with one of my favourite hobbies, which is wagging my tail. So I get to love humans and wag my tail whenever I see them. I love the meet and greet. I really think this is my calling. To stand and stare at humans wagging my tail. I think I could happily earn a living doing that. But living in a kennel means I don’t get as many chances as I would like.

BTD: What are your most favourite things?

674FB5AA-BA7D-48EC-B0AD-740ABFD395E8Cassie: I love cats and chickens, but for all the wrong reasons perhaps, so I am looking for a home without cats and chickens. I had spent the first half of my life being told to chase things, so it is a hobby that I am perhaps not too keen to give up any time soon.

And sniffing. Sniffing is good too.

BTD: And what are your least favourite things?

Cassie: Well, I’m not entirely sure that other dogs are my favourite things. I get rather excited when I see one. Mostly it’s my absolute amazement that there are such friendly dogs around, after living so much of my life in a pen. But I no longer turn myself inside out to say hello now when I walk past one. But to keep everyone happy, my rescuers say I should live on my own. Which is fine by me, because I don’t need anyone else blocking my opportunities to wag my tail at humans.

BTD: What is your dream home?

38391234-3BF8-49F9-9941-0921902E0A79Cassie: Well, I find modern life a little overwhelming. It’s funny how a life in a pen can make you a little worried about trying it any other way. But I think that my dream home would be somewhere near some countryside. Where I could run around and around and pause only occasionally, just to admire my reflection in a pond or something like that. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I am very good-looking.

BTD: What are your special talents?

Cassie: One of my talents is escapology. But not just for the sake of it. Usually because one of those cats or chickens has just walked past. And wagging my tail. Did I mention wagging my tail?

BTD: What does it mean to you to be part of Be That 30 for 30?

Cassie: I’ve been waiting a very, very long time. I know I just need to meet that someone. But my greatest gift of all is my optimism. I just want to make someone very happy. I just want that someone.

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