Meet Kent! – REHOMED!

Kent (aka Clark Kent) is a very handsome, 11 month old Bulldog, currently in rescue with Glendee Dog Rescue. – REHOMED!

Meet Kent!

85C9F355-5063-45EF-9C3E-0F291E4D99A0BTD: Tell us about your rescue story.

Kent: How I got here is anybody’s guess. I am trying not to take it personally, but ending up in rescue so young makes me a bit sad. But I guess I am lucky that I am with good humans now at Glendee Dog Rescue. But in my short life some not so nice humans have left me a little fearful. So I am working on that. And the wonderful humans I have met are helping me. The main thing is that I take on new things slowly. Like meeting new people. And meeting new dogs. But why rush things anyway? That’s what I say.

BTD: Can you sum yourself up in one sentence?

Kent: Bulldog in a China Shop? Ha ha! But I guess that makes me a typical bulldog.

BTD: What is your best feature?

Kent: Apart from my rugged good looks, I look after myself and I am in very good health. So I would say that my best feature is my health. Looks fade. Ha ha.

BTD: What are your favourite things?

Kent: Food. And eating. Especially eating food.

BTD: What would your ideal home be like?

Kent: I think my favourite kind of home would probably be a quiet one, where I would get all of the attention and love. I might consider living with a nice female dog. But really, a home all of my own would be rather lovely. And I would like humans who are patient and kind and understand that sometimes I need to take my time. And at other times I might just knock everything over. In fact, because I can be a bit clumsy, perhaps I would be happiest in a quiet adult home. Oh, and food. My home must have really good food.

BTD: What does it mean to you to be part of Be That 30 for 30?

Kent: I get a chance. All I need is a chance.


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