Meet Foxy!

Foxy is foxy by name, foxy by nature, and foxy by family. He’s a handsome Fox Terrier cross who is currently with Terrier SOS UK while he waits for his new home.

We cannot believe it either, but wonderful Foxy didn’t find a home in the November campaign, so he is with us again for April. He is a genuinely amazing little dog. Let’s make sure he doesn’t get overlooked again. Let’s help him find a home!

Let’s meet Foxy!

D2A24844-8568-488C-B483-C47ADCAD289CBTD: How did a foxy fellow like yourself end up in rescue?

Foxy: Well, it’s not a funny story, that’s for sure. I ended up in a kennel in France after having been used for hunting. They used to treat me rather badly. Very badly in fact. So I was a very scared young man when I finally found my way to rescue. Terrier SOS UK came to my rescue and I moved to kennels in the UK.

BTD: How do you feel about people now?

Foxy: Well, I am still a little wary of them. But the good news is that I love dogs. So a few good pals have been helping me learn the ways of good humans. I didn’t even know such humans existed! I have a lot to learn.

D1C99E59-2DF7-4DB7-A4AD-ACF556FA4E35BTD: What would your ideal human be like?
Foxy: I think my ideal human would be a patient one. I have had to learn a whole new language and a whole new life with humans that are not going to beat me, or chase me, or hurt me. That’s a lot to take in. So I think the most important thing is time. And maybe also some space. Yes, time and space. I need a special human. Because I am a very special dog.
BTD: What is your favourite feature?
Foxy: I think my favourite feature has to be my beard. It is very cool. I even have a bit of a handlebar moustache. I am currently in foster in SE London, so I fit right in with all the hipsters.
BTD: And what does it mean to you to be here now, a part of Be That 30 for 30?
Foxy: Everything.
 You can read all about Foxy’s search for home in Foxy’s Hipster Rap.

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