The Happiness Project!

June is National Smile Month in the UK! And so we are launching The Happiness Project!

The Happiness Project will hopefully give us all something to smile about for National Smile Month as we celebrate with a whole range of special things for June!

The Happiness Reports

All through June we will bring you the best and the brightest in animal happiness, including the latest research, products, and ideas. From the scientific journals to the news to the park, get your dose of happy here!

Delivering the Goods

The Be That Dog team is keeping a diary as we deliver the “goods of happiness” throughout the month of June. Happiness research at Harvard University has suggested that there are three goods of happiness:

  • doing good for others;
  • doing things you are good at (and less of what you’re not good at); and
  • doing good for yourself

And if you have ideas of how we can deliver more good, do get in touch and let us know! Email us on or use the form below. Or join us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to take part!

The Happy Prince, and Other Tails

Aubrey Beardsley’s special series with all the smiles and happy faces from Aubrey and all the other tails that he meets on his adventures.

Bedlington Steps to Respectability, Usefulness and Happiness

Huw Le Lytle provides a Bedlington gentleman’s guide to happiness.

Howard’s Endz – the happy trails month!

Howard Spring will be taking us on more of his neighbourhood happy trails in Howard’s Endz.

Jeff versus Nietzsche

And Jefferson Airplane will be taking on one of the greatest critics of happiness in one of the greatest showdowns of all time – Jeff versus Nietzsche!

Aubrey’s Causeries

Aubrey Beardsley is givings us a special “happiness” month of Aubrey’s Causeries, reviewing films that are bound to make you happy.

The Daily Buzzin’

And of course, The Daily Buzzin’ will keep on buzzing all month with That’s News To Me and Is That A Fact. With the occasional Daily Find from the talented resident artist, Howard Spring. And Huw Le Lytle will keep us up to date with all the latest entertainment news and gossip every Friday in A Little Beddie Told Me.

So please join us on our Happiness Project for National Smile Month! As Charlie Chaplin said, “You’ll find that life is still worthwhile, if you just smile.”