Meet Esk! – ADOPTED!

Esk is a young adult Lurcher, currently with Glendee Rescue while she waits for her special human. UPDATE: Esk has been adopted!

Let’s meet Esk!

F9F08B58-9BD2-489A-98B1-5479B40A836FBTD: How is life in rescue?

Esk: I am doing very well. Nobody really knows about my past, and I am doing my best to forget it. The main remnants are just a few scars and an old injury on one of my back legs. But I am not letting the injuries stop me, whether they are physical or mental. I love the people in my rescue, and I love to play and learn, so I am doing very well indeed.

BTD: How are all the other dogs?

Esk:  I like other dogs. I really love playing, so having other dogs to play with is a big bonus in rescue.

BTD: If you like dogs, how do you feel about cats?

Esk: Well, despite my leggy appearance, I am really good with cats. I would happily 13B89EF6-2A0C-4BB0-B77D-A1CE472DA3AClive with cats. I am a clever girl and I like having friends.

BTD: What are your favourite things?

Esk: I love learning and training. I am very bright (but not very modest) so I like applying my mind to new things.

BTD: Is there anything you don’t enjoy?

Esk: I don’t really enjoy being left alone. I would like a human who is patient with this. Ideally my human wouldn’t want to leave me just as much as I wouldn’t want to leave them. But I know I have to be alone sometimes, so I am working on it. And since I can live with cats and dogs I might have some friends to keep me company in my new home. Who knows? It is very exciting.

BTD: What does it mean to be part of 30 for 30?

Esk: It is very special. In life you never stop learning. And recently I have learnt just how wonderful humans can be.

You can read all of Esk’s adventures in learning and love in Picture Esk!


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