Meet Audrey!

Audrey is a 4 year old Labrador X Romanian Shepherd, currently with Oakwood Rescue while she waits for her special human.

Let’s meet Audrey!

FD0F5142-5BC4-4127-A2E5-9117EC0F0B13BTD: How did you come to find yourself in rescue?

Audrey: I was living on the streets in Romania and I was captured and put in one of the public shelters. These are like big public pounds and a lot of the dogs don’t make it out alive. Luckily for me I was rescued from the shelter and brought to the UK with International Dog Rescue and I moved into to Oakwood Dog Rescue.

BTD: And how has life changed since moving to the UK?

Audrey: Well, I had a bad limp, so the rescue got this checked over thoroughly by the vet. I have a very old problem which cannot be fixed now, so I have just had my leg removed.  It means I have to be monitored by my vet for a little while and get used to my 3-legged life before I can be officially adopted, but it will not be too long. And I’m assured that lots of amazing things come on 3 legs – Aslan the Anatolian Shepherd Dog (he came from Turkey), the famous Ant chair, and camera tripods. All amazing things. And all on 3 legs.

BTD: And what is a Romanian Raven Shepherd Dog?

Audrey: The Romanian Raven Shepherd is a very big livestock breed. But I am only a cross so I am a much smaller version. Basically I come in a very convenient size (the Labrador bit), with a bit of fluffy hair that’s very pretty (the Romanian Raven bit), with great ears and a wonderful personality (the Audrey bit!). You couldn’t ask for better than that.

BTD: What things could you do without?

Audrey: Cats and the dog catcher.

BTD: And what are your favourite things?

Audrey: My wonderful rescuers. They have been amazing.

BTD: What are your best features?

Audrey: My ears and my optimism.

BTD: What does it mean to you to be a part of Be That 30 For 30?

Audrey: What a difference a day makes. And what a difference a rescue day makes.

You can read all of Audrey’s stories in A New World Audrey. It’s a whole new world! 


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