For The Asking …

Welcome to Huw’s column, “For the Asking.”

As an especially wise and sympathetic little Bedlington Terrier of impeccable manners and faultless judgment, Huw Le Lytle is here to offer his wisdom on everything from social etiquette, to romance, to home improvement, to just offering some terrier kindness where it’s needed. So whatever your dilemma, if you would like a bit of Bedlington wisdom, Huw is here for the asking!

Please email your question to or use the form below. Please put your name at the end of your question exactly as you would like it to appear in the post (just first names or nicknames will be printed). And if you would like your question to be anonymous, please note this in your email. Your question will be reprinted along with Huw’s answer.

And if you would like to let us know which part of the world you are in, that would be great too! As Huw says, “It’s great to be making friends all around the world!”

Huw is looking forward to hearing from you. He’s Huw for the asking!