Meet Sooty and Sweep! – RESERVED!

Sooty and Sweep are two 5-6 year old Border Terrier mix brothers, currently with Terrier SOS UK while they search for that special home. UPDATE: Sooty and Sweep have been reserved!

Let’s meet Sooty and Sweep!

8B59F73E-AD7E-46C5-8BDD-3AAC4CA81F3ABTD: How did you come to find yourself in rescue?

Sooty: We were actually abandoned in a Spanish perrera.

Sweep: That’s the public pound. It’s not a nice place. Not at all.

Sooty: I think they just got sick of us. It was a pretty bad time.

BTD: And what happened when you were rescued by Terrier SOS?

Sooty: They were amazing. They made sure we got to see a vet and got all our health checks and got well again. We had Leishmania, which sounds bad but it isn’t really. It’s spread by sandflies and it’s very common in Spain. Our rescuers made sure we were treated and fully recovered. And then we started to get ourselves ready for our move to the UK.

BTD: You are fairly close as brothers. How do you feel about other dogs?

Sweep: We love them!

Sooty: Playing is fun. And playing is even more fun with more dogs.

BTD: What are your best features?

Sweep: You mean apart from our obvious good looks?

Sooty: And our great personalities?

Sweep: Maybe our tails? We have good tails.

Sooty: Or the fact that we can trick you and pretend to be each other? That probably counts as a sense of humour, do you think?

Sweep: Obviously we have it all. Good looks, great personalities, great sense of humour. And tails.

BTD: Are you looking for a home together? You’ve been counted as “one” for Be That 30 For 30.

Sooty: We don’t have to be homed together. But it would be nice.

Sweep: And why separate such a perfect pair of bookends?

BTD: What does it mean to be part of 30 for 30?

Sooty: Well, I hope it means a trip to the beach. We love the beach.

Sweep: Sooty is a jokester. It’s all about the Sooty Show. But I’m Sweep the Superdog. And I will tell you what it means. It means everything.

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