All In Advent

All in Advent Window 24!

December 24, the last window of all. Tomorrow is Christmas when Santa does call. But before that is the window that’s most special of all, it’s the window to forgive the big and the small.

Today, forgive.

This may be the biggest window of all. To forgive someone may be one of the greatest challenges we face. But it may also be one of the biggest kindnesses we can give. Especially to ourselves.

Forgiveness is itself a kind of window and, once opened, can release a lot of the things we are really better off letting fly into the wind. Forgiveness isn’t about being weak, it’s one of the bravest things you can do. Anger and hate are easy, forgiveness and compassion take strength. It’s not about saying you weren’t hurt, or that what someone did was all right. It’s not about making excuses for someone, or letting them off the hook, or even letting ourselves off the hook. It’s not about wiping the slate clean and forgetting. It may not even involve telling that someone that you forgive them. It’s about the freedom of opening a window onto the present. And that may be one of the very greatest kindnesses we can give ourselves.

Kindness really does make for a wonderful life! As Pa Bailey says in that very same movie, “All you can take with you is that which you’ve given away.”

So let’s keep giving away kindness all year round until we are rich beyond our means!

We hope you have enjoyed this special Advent calendar with us.

Merry Christmas everybody! 🎄💖


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