Meet Aslan!

Aslan is a handsome Anatolian Shepherd Dog cross who is one of the best things on three legs. He is with Friends of the Animals Wales.

Aslan took part in the November Be That 30 For 30 but sadly did not find a home. Let’s help Aslan find his home this time!

Let’s meet Aslan!

408987F3-8D91-4E1E-88D5-9C207365A70CBTD: Tell us a little bit about your rescue story.

Aslan: I had a very difficult start and really had to struggle to survive. I was living on the street in Turkey and had to make every bit of food count. I ended up in the pound where I was attacked rather badly and I lost part of my leg. Friends of the Animals Wales brought me to the UK, got me all the specialist treatment I needed, and now I’m doing really well. My ordeal has left me with some quirky behaviours. But really I am just letting you know a little about my past. Like sleeping with the door open, so I know you are definitely home. Or sleeping in the living room. So I can keep watch on the whole home.

BTD: Do you have any favourite activities?

Aslan: I really love changing bedding and doing washing. I’m not sure if I am very helpful, but I like to drag the bedding back off the bed. Or the washing back off the line. I think bedding makes one of the best tug toys around.

BTD: Do you like toys?

Aslan: Actually I do like toys. They are good for tug as well. In fact, I like anything that involves a game of tug with my human.

BTD: Given your difficult start, how do you feel about humans?

Aslan: I actually really love humans. And I really like men in particular. And I love children as well. I really love all humans, but the best humans of all are the ones that give me attention.

BTD: How’s your social life these days?

Aslan: I really could take or leave other dogs. Although it might be different if we tried to hang out the washing together. Then I might start to really enjoy the company of other dogs. I don’t like being yapped at though. I don’t think I would ever want to hang out the washing with small, yappy dogs.

BTD: What is your favourite thing?

Aslan: I really love food. But I don’t really love chewing. My human got me an anti-gulp bowl, but I very quickly outwitted the bowl and managed to get it all out at once. But I am getting better. A lot of it is actually a bit of anxiety about where my next meal is coming from. But I am getting used to the idea that I will in fact get regular meals. I have also learnt to take treats now without also accidentally taking a few fingers as well.

BTD: What are your special skills?

Aslan: Barking at the ice-cream van (everything thinks it’s about the van, but really, I just want ice-cream … I refer you back to my favourite thing …). My other special skill is opening cupboards and emptying bins. I think you can probably see that there is a clear food-related theme to all my special skills.

BTD: What does being part of Be That 30 for 30 mean to you?

Aslan: If I find my home, it will be better than a whole ice-cream van.

You can read all of Aslan’s stories and his love of laundry in Aslan’s Beautiful Laundrette.


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