Meet Kika!

Kika is a beautiful terrier cross who almost ran out of time in Spain before she was rescued and brought to the UK by Terrier SOS (Norfolk).

You may remember beautiful Kika from the November campaign. Sadly Kika didn’t find her home during that campaign so she is joining us again in April. Let’s find Kika a home this time, one as amazing as she is!

Let’s meet Kika!

8FE8DAA0-B569-4ECC-903D-2B40C59F385FBTD: Kika, what is the story behind your rescue?

Kika: I was abandoned in Spain and ended up in the perrera (the pound). But I wasn’t out of danger yet. I am bigger than your average little dog. I am 15 kg (which, in fact isn’t actually that big, so stop size-shaming me). And I am also a cross-breed, so I tend to get overlooked. Even though it makes me so special. Why would you want one of a million when you can have one of a kind?! Anyway, the kennels kept filling, and space kept disappearing, and I was running out of time. Terrier SOS was also out of space and had not been able to offer me a lifeline. They’d been asked many times, but simply couldn’t fit me in. Then they got the dreaded message that my time was up. So they moved heaven and earth and sofas and found a space for me. I think philosophers have written about such things. I think it is called the heap paradox, or dog paradox, or something like that. But whatever it was, I was on my way!

BTD: You are very young, Kika, at only 18 months old. What was your life like before you were abandoned?

Kika: Let’s just say, the humans I knew then were nothing like the humans in rescue. It’s a shame, because the love I missed out on, they missed out on too.

BTD: And what has it been like in rescue with Terrier SOS?

DC6DB1FD-82FD-4DB8-953D-04B01F566AD8Kika: Well, it is a world of difference. I am in Norfolk, which means I get to visit the beach, and that is so much fun. Before I got to the UK I had never been treated as a pet. But in the UK, people really seem to care about how I am feeling. And I am always very keen to show them with a lot of love. I am a very loving girl. Life is too short for ambiguous gestures.

BTD: How has the transition been? From working dog to pet?

Kika: Well, don’t get me wrong, there have been some anxious moments. I am a little worried about being abandoned again. But really, these people are so wonderful, who wouldn’t be anxious when they weren’t there? What if they don’t come back? But I do get so excited when they are back. In fact, I like to get excited, because I really feel like celebrating life these days. So, being a rambunctious teenager, I may be a bit too much for small children. But if you’re a rambunctious adult, you will love it!

31171938-B637-4EE9-88AE-7357A231E4B6BTD: What is your favourite feature?

Kika: My tail. It’s amazing.

BTD: What would be your ideal home?

Kika: I would love a home where I don’t need to worry so much about whether people are coming back. Ideally my new human’s life would revolve around me. Isn’t that the dream? But seriously, I just want some stability, some love, and some reassurance. I just want us to be there for each other.

BTD: What does it mean to be a part of Be That 30 for 30?

Kika: It means I haven’t been overlooked. That I am not the crossbreed in the corner. I am part of something special.

You can read all of Kika’s stories in Kika’s Tail of Adventures.


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