Meet Mr Darcy! – REHOMED!

Mr Darcy is a beautiful 3 year old Golden Retriever with Friends of the Animals Wales. – REHOMED!

Let’s meet Mr Darcy!

7F400A23-FE29-446F-988C-46E8E53A9842BTD: Mr Darcy, tell us your rescue story.

Mr Darcy: Well, a lot of what comes with me is mystery. I came to the UK all the way from Turkey as part of the international rescue programme of Friends of the Animals Wales. I was found in the pound with a very badly broken leg and so Friends of the Animals Wales took me out of the pound and got me ready to travel to the UK. The specialists in the UK tried to save my leg, but the ongoing pain was so bad that eventually there was no other choice but to amputate my leg. But I am doing really well with just three legs. And it makes an excellent conversation starter with everyone we meet.

BTD: Describe your ideal human.

Mr Darcy: A lady.

BTD: And what about the male humans?

Mr Darcy: Well, it depends. I am a little wary at first, probably because of my unpleasant past experiences, especially with the dog catchers. I prefer it if they receive me while sitting. Or maybe even bowing down at my feet (all 3 of them). But I’m getting better. All in good time.

BTD: And what about other dogs? And even cats?

25445767-7A38-432E-B65D-06199AF6308CMr Darcy: I am quite happy with other dogs, as long as they don’t get too over-excited with me. I don’t live with any cats, but I really think I am not bothered by cats at all. Not even the cats on my walks. Most dogs tell me that the cats on one’s walk are the scariest of all. Even if one lives with cats, one can’t help but pay attention to them. But not so for me. I ignore them completely.

BTD: What is your favourite thing?

Mr Darcy: The sofa.

BTD: What is your greatest skill?

Mr Darcy: At the moment I think it might be walking on three legs. But I am sure I will acquire some more skills soon as well.

BTD: What is your best feature?

Mr Darcy: My resilience.

BTD: And what does being part of Be That 30 for 30 mean to you?

Mr Darcy: That I might be one of the luckiest dogs on three legs.


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