Meet Frank!

Frank is an adult Golden Retriever X Standard Poodle, currently with Glendee Rescue while he waits for his special human.

Let’s meet Frank!

0095FBEE-8D4B-4522-B1ED-6C21DD8E977BBTD: Tell us your rescue story.

Frank: I came into rescue with Betty and Cooper and we are all rooming together at the moment, which is nice.

BTD: And how has life been since going into rescue?

Frank: I won’t pretend, I am quite a nervous boy. But it is really down to lack of experiences. All three of us led a rather isolated life, so we are all learning about the big, wide world out there. It’s been a big change but some wonderful and very patient people are working with me to build my confidence.

BTD: What are your best features?

Frank: I am very handsome. And I always look handsome, no matter what I am doing. It is a very reliable form of handsomeness.

BTD: What would be your dream home?

Frank: I would like maybe a quieter home. Or even a country home. Maybe a country home with Betty!

BTD: What does it mean to be part of 30 for 30?

Frank: A whole new world.

You can read all of Frank’s stories in Frankly Speaking.

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