Meet Amber! – REHOMED!

Amber is a 2 year old Jack Russell Terrier cross and is with Friends of the Animals Wales. – REHOMED!

Let’s meet Amber!

062C7376-0696-4511-82E4-85492C5DB8BCBTD: Tell us about your rescue.

Amber: I am quite young, but for someone so young I have had my fair share of heartache. I’ve had a pretty bad start to life. I was attacked rather badly by some other dogs, and then I almost lost my life in a house fire. I have the scars to prove it. I am very happy that I found my way to Friends of the Animals. And I am getting happier and more confident every day.

BTD: What is your favourite thing?

Amber: My favourite thing is cuddles. I cannot get enough cuddles. I like to be with my human as much as possible, and as close as possible. My favourite place to sleep is in my human’s lap. In fact, that’s all I want in this world.

BTD: Would you like to be the only dog for your human?

Amber: I could live with another dog as long as it didn’t find my terrier views on life too annoying. But if I am perfectly honest, I really just want my humans all to myself. In fact, I prefer it if my human never ever leaves me. So you may find that you have an Amber-shaped shadow behind you wherever you go.

BTD: What is your least favourite thing?

Amber: It’s either loud noises or house cleaning, but either way, I do not like the vacuum cleaner.

BTD: What is your favourite game?

Amber: Barking at other dogs until they play with me. I have varying degrees of success with this approach.

2F5D5642-A1AF-4082-85C8-28364ED5EA7DBTD: What is your most favourite species?

Amber: Human.

BTD: What is your least favourite species?

Amber: Cats. Or I’m their least favourite species. Something like that.

BTD: What is your best feature?

Amber: My lovely long nose.

BTD: What does being a part of Be That 30 for 30 mean to you?

Amber: That everyone gets their shot at some kind of wonderful.


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