Howard's Way Ahead

Howard’s Way Ahead

By Howard Spring

Welcome to my new daily round-up.

This is going to be all about my transformation from rescue to remarkable. How I make my way ahead, one day at a time.

So here I am with my first post!

Today I discovered that thunder doesn’t scare me if I get a cuddle, that Bulldog Drummond the kitty will play with me, that Bulldog Drummond doesn’t like it when I sit on him, that cardboard boxes are really fun, that some toys are better without their stuffing, that kitty treats are maybe even better than doggy treats, that sofa zoomies continue to be amazing, that stair zoomies make a fantastic noise.

And, that if Human is working at the desk, and I stand and gaze up lovingly for long enough, I get to sit in Human’s lap. Apparently this new habit of mine makes using the computer slightly more tricky, but I’m told that the workplace benefits outweigh the inconvenience. I love it, I get cuddles and treats … and I sleep.

I get to spend a lot of time with Human, all day while Human is working, just sitting and being together. Human says it’s good for me. I tend to agree. It is pretty great.

I wonder what I will discover tomorrow!

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