All In Advent

All in Advent Window 16!

December 16, now only 9 days to go, today thank someone who helped you to know.

Today, thank a teacher.

Good teachers show, great teachers reveal, but the best teachers make you wonder. The best teachers don’t leave you thinking you have all the answers. The best teachers make you curious to ask more questions.

So today, thank those mentors and teachers who made you excited to discover more, gave you the tools to ask the best questions, and the wonder to ask them. The best teachers make you love to learn, not afraid to try.

And as you follow your curiosity to the wonder of Christmas, don’t forget to inspire kindness in others by sharing your lessons in all the usual ways – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email – that’ll teach them!

All in Advent! Are you in? Because we are all in! 💖


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