That's Jeffervescent!

Return, The Favourite

That’s Jeffervescent! By Jefferson Airplane

IMG_3337This is Human’s desk.

Well, it is part of Human’s desk. It is actually the second desk. It is the return.

It is actually part of a big old dresser. So it has drawers and then a big section underneath that holds a lot of folders and notes and things.

I’m not sure why it is called a return. Maybe it is because it makes an “L” with the other desk. So if Human tries to make a quick escape, the return is blocking the door and forces Human to return to the desk. Perhaps it is because Bulldog and I always return to this spot. It is our favourite spot in the Lookout Library. Although sometimes Bulldog also likes to sleep on the main desk, or on the laptop, or on the back of the chair. In fact, he is quite the adventurer when it comes to sleeping positions.

But I will stick with the return. It is such a wonderful sleeping spot. I always feel very happy and content lying here. Maybe that’s what they mean when they say, “many happy returns”?


So, as far as I can tell, the main function of the return is for the comfort of Bulldog and me. It has a cushion and a fluffy blankie. Occasionally a book might find its way there, but mostly I then use it as a pillow.

Apparently desks can say a lot about someone. I wonder what it says about Human that the desk is covered in books, papers, flowers, dogs, and cats? I have seen a lot of people sitting at desks on the television, and not once have I seen a dog sitting on the desk. I think I would be much more likely to sit up and pay attention to someone who lets their dog sit on the desk.

I guess the messy desk is a sign of an inquiring mind. Or at least one that is ready to search for things … on the desk.

But I think Human’s desk is organised. Well, the pens are in a tin (so Howard doesn’t steal them) and I think that shows a good sense of planning. So it’s a good start. It did take the disappearance of a lot of pens though before Human introduced the tin. Funnily enough, these were pens that were never to return, in fact. Well, not in one piece, that is.

I guess it’s true, a desk really does say a lot about someone. And this desk sure says a lot about Human. Which might be why I love to be on the desk.

So, I will never see the point of no return. Having a return to sleep on is great!

Sleeping on Human’s desk? That’s Jeffervescent!


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