Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions

Jeff’s salute to all that is great and good in the history of Jeffs .

This week’s Jeff is Jeff Bridges!

Jeff Bridges is an actor who lives in Los Angeles, USA. He has starred alongside a lot of dogs, including Lassie and also Ryder the Border Collie, as well as a lot of other notable dogs, including Charlie, Hoover, T Rex, and Twist.

Jeff is such a good actor he has even won an Academy Award for Best Actor. But not for Lassie. And not for A Dog Year. And not even for The Big Lebowski. It was for some whiny film about a guitar player.

Back to the good movies. As I mentioned, Jeff stars in the critically acclaimed (no, really), A Dog Year. Jeff plays a writer who has driven away most of his family and so he adopts an abused Border Collie called Devon (played by Ryder) and they heal together. If you think that sounds sentimental, I don’t care. I think it sounds awesome.

And in The Big Lebowski, Jeff plays Jeff. It’s true. Jeff Bridges plays Jeff Lebowski, aka “The Dude”. I think that is something else we have in common, apart from both being Jeffs, that is. Everyone down the park calls me “The Dude”. Or “Cuddle monkey”, which is perhaps not as cool, even though I really like monkeys.

IMG_3402The Big Lebowski is about bowling (which is why I have a bowling ball … well, a big, soft ball, but I am using artistic licence). It is also about a very important social issue – house-training. When a visitor has an accident on the Dude’s rug, he goes to find someone who will replace his rug for him. Because that rug really tied the room together. And it is very difficult to get smells out of rugs if you don’t do it properly. So I can see why he wanted a new rug to tie the room together. So this house-training crisis is the basis for the comedic drama that then unfolds.

Jeff Bridges also plays guitars and takes photographs and writes books. He has even co-written a book called The Dude and the Zen Master, which is about the philosophy of dudeism and how Zen it is. And he published a book of photographs called Pictures. That’s so dude.

Yes indeed, the dude abides.

Jeff Bridges, we salute you!


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