That’s Jeffervescent! – September

Ball Skills

In the Pink

Bedtime Story

Here’s Mud in Your Eye!

Shoestring Budgets

Making the Team

From Pillow to Blog Post

Lovely Weather for Ducks

img_6909Right as Rain!

Citizen Jeff

Have a Tin Bath!

Bumbershoots and Brollies

Reflected Glory

Box Office

Sofa Surfing

Emotional Baggage

All Wool and a Yard Wide

img_1283Ahead of the Packing Tape

The Give and Takeaway of Friendship

These Socks Were Made For Walking!

Up Close and Personal

Bone in the Purple

It Is Rocket Science

Trees and Swamps

Jeff in Glove

Keeping Ourselves Together

In the Bag!

On Line, In Touch

img_1571In the Bag!