That's Jeffervescent!

Keeping Ourselves Together


That’s Jeffervescent! – by Jefferson Airplane

This is me.

Obviously, I am nothing if not Jeffervescent. Well, I guess you know that already. But what I really mean is that sometimes it is good just to sit and be.

When Human is working all day we all hang out with Human in the Lookout Library. We have our sofas, and our tele (dogs like tele you know!), and our toys, and each other. And we just sit and be. Cats, dogs, everybody. Together.

Never underestimate the importance of relaxing and just being with your humans. Reward them for it. It’s how we build their confidence and help them form strong bonds with us. And never underestimate the importance of the lessons that you learn from doing nothing.

So we all enjoy our day in the Lookout Library in many ways … we play, we cuddle, we sleep (a lot), we just hang out. You might say it’s a bit like we are in constant communication, with Human and with each other, but without needing any beeping devices. We are always in touch. It’s how we piece together.

And I always think it’s kind of as it should be. In other words, our workday in the Lookout Library is a big part of our togetherness. It’s like that famous centuries-old saying, the Englishman’s word is his bond … well, most of us are Welsh actually, but you get the idea. Here we are, sitting in a room full of words, building our bond. Perfect.

All the something in doing nothing? That’s Jeffervescent!


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