Meet Lady! – ADOPTED!

Lady is a 12 year old Collie cross who is with Friends of the Animals Wales while she waits for a loving home. UPDATE: Lady has been adopted!

Let’s meet Lady!

8F03E99B-067E-49FC-B4A7-433A629D7980BTD: How did you come to find yourself in rescue?

Lady: Sadly I found myself rather suddenly without a home. I didn’t expect to be looking for a new home at my mature age, but that is what I am facing and my whole world is now upside down.

BTD: Has it been difficult for you going into rescue?

Lady: At the moment I am really nervous, I am jumping at my own shadow. But I have amazing people looking after me. They understand that it is all a bit of a shock for me at the moment, and they are so patient and loving. And no crates. I don’t do crates.

BTD: What is your greatest talent?

Lady: Apart from looking so incredibly young for my age, it is probably jumping fences. I am a collie cross, after all.

BTD: And what is your greatest fear?

48D15955-EF80-4D17-845E-8B7EF4136ACDLady: I probably have two. The first is loud noises. I cannot live in a house full of teenage angst, because I cannot stand slamming doors. The second is being without my human. I would like a human who could be home with me most of the day. I just want to relax with my human, curl up in front of the tele, and cuddle. But no dramas or reality TV for me, there are too many slamming doors on those kinds of shows.

BTD: You may be a lady who’s been around the hen house a few times, but you still look like a puppy to us! What is the secret of your everlasting youth?

Lady: I may be no spring chicken, but I can still shake my tail feather! I recommend regular walks and plenty of sleep. Never underestimate the importance of a good nap.

BTD: And what does being a part of Be That 30 for 30 mean to you?

Lady: That with the right people an old dog does get to learn some new tricks. And a lot of love along the way. As Frank Sinatra says, “Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you, if you’re young at heart.”

Could you be Lady’s new champ? You can read all about Lady’s secrets to staying young and her search for her new human in Lady and the Champ.


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