Remembering Leo

Everybody loves Leo

Leopold Bloom (Leo) was a Bedlington Terrier and so much more. He was a philosopher, a thinker, and an original member of Be That Dog. Together with his large collection of chairs, and famous for making friends around the world, Leo was also the founder of #ItsAnEarThing on Twitter. Leo was rescued by Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in February 2008 at the grand age of 9 years young. He was picked up sleeping rough in Wandsworth, London, suffering a rather serious ear and skin infection, and was very close to death. Leo almost lost the battle, but his rescuer (a wonderful veterinary nurse at Battersea) fought long and hard for his treatment and recovery. He emerged from his ordeals missing two lumps, one ear, and some hearing, but gaining an enormous group of friends. Adopted in May 2008, he suffered a small stroke in September, but made a full recovery and became known far and wide for his vast intellect, his snappy dress sense, his avant-garde onesies, his love of driving his Furrari, and his passion for ribbies and cheese. Leo passed away  at 17 years, peacefully and naturally in his sleep, 18 January 2016, just one month shy of his “gotcha day”. Leo’s enduring wisdom can be found at @Cafeterrier #EverybodyLovesLeo   

A tribute to Leo – We love you, Leo –  by Huw Le Lytle.