Meet Neymar! – REHOMED!

Neymar is a very handsome Lurcher, currently with Glendee Dog Rescue as he waits for his new home. He is keeping his age to himself and is either still quite young, or has great genes! – REHOMED!

Meet Neymar!

0FCBCCF4-E819-42E2-97B2-3EE088838D86BTD: Tell us about your rescue journey.

Neymar: Well, it’s been a rocky road so far. I had a broken leg, but my operation went very well and I am continuing to recover nicely. But the operation left me with a slight limp. My pal Falcor says this makes me seven more special (he is so wise). In fact, because I am so special, just like Falcor’s humans, mine decided to abandon me. And they left me at the vet. Can you imagine? I was pretty devastated, but the wonderful people at Glendee Dog Rescue took over.

BTD: How do you feel about humans now?

Neymar: Well, I am over the people who turned their back on me, because I have met so many more since that are there for me. I even like children (well, the nice ones of course). In fact, I would happily share my home with older children. Humans can be all kinds of good and bad. Luckily, right now, I am getting to meet all the good ones.

BTD: Have you made lots of friends since being in rescue?

Neymar: Yes, I am meeting lots of dogs. I happily walk with other dogs and I get a chance to decide which ones I like. I think I would be very happy sharing a home with another dog. Making friends is just another window that has opened in my new life. What can I say, I am a Lurcher. We are all pretty awesome.

BTD: What is your favourite feature?

Neymar: My ears, I talk with them a lot. Actually, can I have two favourite features? I also have the most dreamy eyes. Everyone says so.

BTD: What does being a part of Be That 30 for 30 mean to you?

Neymar: It means I really am special.



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