Meet Scarlet! – ADOPTED!

Scarlet is a 3 year old Cocker Spaniel, currently with Friends of the Animals Wales while she waits for her special human. UPDATE: Scarlet has been adopted!

Let’s meet Scarlet!

61610693-A197-4A68-9A13-5BABEB41033ABTD: How did you come to find yourself in rescue?

Scarlet: I was an ex-breeding dog, which means that I was made to have lots of babies. It wasn’t a good life at all. It wasn’t good for me and it definitely wasn’t good for my babies, who all left home far too early.

BTD: And what is it like now that you are in rescue?

Scarlet: I am still a little nervous and shy from my former life, it left me a little wary of everyone. But I am discovering that there are really good humans and I am learning to trust again. I am so happy to meet good people and I have been making the most of my new life every day. My foster human is very kind, she crouches on the ground with me so that I am comfortable giving her some smooches.

BTD: And how do you feel about dogs now that you are free from the puppy farm?

Scarlet: The big ones are very bouncy aren’t they? I usually wait for them to calm down. Mostly so I don’t get sent flying. This is an occupational hazard of a lot of fun. I am getting used to it!

BTD: Do you have any faults?

Scarlet: I have a slight heart murmur, although it is so slight I don’t even need medication. I am told it is a fault. I think it is just my restless heart, getting impatient waiting for my special human.

2D213E6E-FF8D-46D4-9D78-0F62740C12EFBTD: What is your greatest feature?

Scarlet: I think it must be my curiosity. I am curious about everything and so I am learning and growing every day. Curiosity may have done the cat in but it really is the stuff of geniuses. Like me.

BTD: What are you big dreams?

Scarlet: I need to get used to what it is to play. For instance, I don’t understand toys. That is certainly a perplexing dog thing I need to learn about. The others tell me play is amazing, so I am keen to learn.

BTD: What does it mean to be part of 30 for 30?

Scarlet: I get to find the answer to the thing I am most curious about. What it is like to have my own human.

You can read all of Scarlet’s stories in A Study in Scarlet.


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