Meet Cooper!

Cooper is an adult Standard Poodle X Golden Retriever, currently with Glendee Rescue while he waits for his special human.

Let’s meet Cooper!

A4DEB65F-F5C5-4748-A75A-552D9E32A481BTD: Tell us your rescue story.

Cooper: I came into rescue with Betty and Frank (who are also in the campaign). We are all large Standard Poodle X Golden Retrievers. We are all getting used to things, but I am the most confident of the three of us, so I keep everyone happy.

BTD: What are some of your new challenges now that you have been rescued?

Cooper: I am learning to wear a harness and go for walks. I’ve been doing very well though, because I am very intelligent as well as handsome. Up until now none of us has had much in the way of a social life, so even seeing traffic was a new experience. But I am doing very well.

BTD: And how about people?

Cooper: People are great. Although sometimes I can accidentally knock the littler people over, so I probably shouldn’t live with small children. Although exceptionally tall ones with low centres of gravity are probably ok.

BTD: And what is your favourite thing?

Cooper: Food.

BTD: What is your favourite hobby?

Cooper: Eating the food.

BTD: What does it mean to be part of 30 for 30?

Cooper: Getting noticed. There are some very special people out there. And they noticed me. And I didn’t even have to knock them over first to get their attention.

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