The Happiness Reports

  • A Dog’s Best Friend - The Happiness Reports Are humans a dog’s best friend? Dogs are pretty special. That much is obvious. But one thing that stands out about dogs is the way we like to live […]
  • Friend Zone - The Happiness Reports We cherish our friends not for their ability to amuse us, but for ours to amuse them. Evelyn Waugh, 10 June 1963 Do dogs make friends? We all know […]
  • Play For Life! - The Happiness Reports We have heard a lot of humans talk lately about how they don’t let their dogs play with other dogs, or that it’s a good thing that their dogs […]
  • A Pet In Need Is A Friend Indeed - The Happiness Reports Humans are really starting to understand just how wonderful pets are as therapists. And in the The Dog Walk Recipe For Happiness we looked at how the dog walk […]
  • The Dog Walk Recipe for Happiness - The Happiness Reports Everyone talks about how they enjoy a dog walk, but did you ever think about how a dog walk can be therapeutic for people with long-term health problems and […]
  • Must Love Dogs - The Happiness Reports Harvard University surveyed its class of 1980 to try and understand what makes a human happy. And their finding was that “happiness is good”. More specifically, there are three […]