All In Advent

All in Advent Window 17!

December 17, we are almost there! For today’s window, it’s only fair.

Today, make someone’s day easier.

It’s the small things that matter. It often doesn’t take much to make someone’s day just a little bit easier, but it often means rather a lot more. Return your shopping basket or cart. Clear your own table in the cafe. Clean up any dog mess someone might have left behind in the park. Take your rubbish with you in the cinema. There are so many little ways each day that you can make someone’s day a little easier and a lot brighter. You may never even see the person whose day you made better. In fact, that is the very point. Making someone’s day easier is only fair.

And as you shine a light so fair on your way to Christmas, don’t forget to make the days better of even more people by sharing your stories in all the usual ways – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email – and help everyone get their fair share of kindness.

All in Advent! Are you in? Because we are all in! 💖


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