30 for 30

Bone Storage Solutions, with Prince George

Everything has its place. And for my bones, that place is anywhere.

I am quite entrepreneurial when it comes to bone storage solutions. It may be the Yorkshire Terrier in me, or it may be the Chihuahua, but I am an utterly practical fellow.

The secret to successful bone storage solutions is to store your bones where no-one is expecting to find them. This does away with the need for additional bone storage security. And while I enjoy digging holes, obviously I don’t put my bones in there. I can never understand why humans think we would want our bones so dirty. They have obviously been watching too many cartoons.

No, I prefer much more convenient places for my bone. My top three storage solutions so far are behind the sofa cushions, in the laundry hamper, and in my human’s bed. Because why would I want to store my bone in my own bed? I sleep there!

I am looking forward to finding places to store my bone in my new home. If you would like to be the one searching for my bones all the time, then please contact Terrier SOS UK to adopt me!


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  1. If you love people and dogs as well as bones you might be happy to live with us. I like your friend Henry too but he might be a bit too big and strong for me (waiiting for some more information). Do you like long walks and the seaside? We live in a seaside town and we are looking for a little girlie or fella to join us but you must be good because we’ve had a bad time with our dogs and we are now 60 -64 and want an easy walker with nice manners. If you or any of your smaller friends fit the bill please drop us a line.


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