30 for 30

Johnno, The Sky’s the Limit!

I like to think of my rescue as a whole new chance. Anything is possible. The sky’s the limit!

They say you can do anything you set your mind to. Right now, I am setting my mind to finding a loving home. I know that when I find that love then the sky’s the limit. So I want to meet my human and fly.

But what else do I love?

Well, I might actually fly when I meet my human, because I really love zoomies! And they are even better if I can carry one of my many toys in my mouth at the same time. Because I also love toys. So it is good to combine loves.

I also love my dinner and, although I don’t carry my dinner for zoomies, I do tend to apply a zoomies philosophy to eating it. But you have to understand, I haven’t got time to hang about eating. I’ve always got things to do, places to go, dogs to meet.

Because I love dogs. I love Zoomies with them. And playing with them. I just have to be reminded occasionally that I am quite big and strong.

And most of all, I love cuddles.

I know I will love my new human. And they will love me. Because with a loving home, anything is possible. And only the sky’s the limit!

If you would like to share my loves with me, please contact Lozza’s Lurcher Rescue to adopt me!



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