Meet Teifi! – ADOPTED!

Teifi is a 12 year old Standard Poodle with Friends of the Animals Wales. UPDATE – Teifi is adopted!

Teifi was in the original November campaign but to everyone’s surprise, especially Teifi’s, he did not find a home. So he joins us again in the April campaign. Let’s make sure Teifi finds a home this time and gets all the attention he deserves!

Let’s meet Teifi!

4CD1388D-7BA7-40EC-9C66-6231821EE68BBTD: Tell us about your rescue story.

Teifi: I don’t know if it’s my distinguished maturity, or my intimidating good looks, or my larger than life personality, but somehow I have ended up in rescue.

BTD: Is your distinguished maturity a barrier?

Teifi: Not that I’ve noticed. If we dawdle or stop on a walk, I am the first to voice my objections. If I’m 12 years old I certainly haven’t noticed. I think I want to demand a recount!

BTD: And your larger than life personality?

Teifi: Well, let’s just say that I command attention. I can’t help it, just look at me! I am sure I could live with another dog, as long as the lion’s share (otherwise known as the Teifi’s share) of the attention is all mine. And as for sharing attention with a cat, don’t even think about it.

BTD: Describe your ideal home.

Teifi: I don’t want much. Just someone who is loyal, constantly by my side, not too demanding, showers me with attention when I want it, goes and lies down in their basket when I don’t. Just your average perfectly well-behaved human. I’m not difficult. Not difficult at all. Undivided attention is not too much to ask, is it? In fact, perhaps if their only job was paying attention to me, that would be best. But I’m easy. Oh, and a garden.

BTD: What does being a part of Be That 30 for 30 mean to you?

Teifi: Attention.

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