Meet Boots! – REHOMED!

Boots is a very charismatic Deerhound cross, around 7 years old and looking for a new home with the help of Glendee Dog Rescue. – REHOMED!

Meet Boots!

4DED21B7-062E-408D-A9DA-C699AD72A75EBTD: Are you the tallest one in rescue, Boots?

Boots: Ha ha, maybe so! But I am a gentle giant. I love children, dogs, everybody. Except cats. I don’t love cats. Or maybe I really love cats. It’s a very confusing situation for me. The cats don’t seem confused though. They run a mile.

BTD: Tell us a little about your rescue story.

Boots: When my old humans surrendered me they said I had a mild case of epilepsy, at least, that’s what they said. But I’ve been here for months now and still no sign. So no-one is really sure either way. But I would still love a human who can keep me in good health and good spirits. And not give me up again.

BTD: What are your best features?

Boots: I am actually pretty amazing all round. I have impeccable manners on the lead, I love both people and dogs. I am gentle and easy-going. I am also traffic-stoppingly handsome. So it is hard to settle on just one feature. But perhaps I will settle on my smile. Because my smile sums up everything that is so wonderful about me.

BTD: What would be your ideal home?

2E0F4A23-45C5-47DA-B519-6B627054B5B0Boots: I am very loving (and wonderful, as I mentioned). So I think I would like somewhere where my human is around a lot. I have a lot of love to give, so I need my human around a lot so that I can do that.

BTD: What sort of human would you like?

Boots: I’m very adaptable, and I am just as happy snoozing on someone’s feet as running around. So if my human wants to sit and watch the world go by, I would be most honoured to join them.

BTD: And what does it mean to you to be part of Be That 30 for 30?

Boots: Everything. Boots and all!


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