That's Jeffervescent!

I’m Some Pumpkins!

That’s Jeffervescent! – by Jefferson Airplane

Today is Halloween!

It is my very first Halloween, so I went all out in the fashion stakes.

We all wore our best Halloween themed collars and leads and bandanas today. Lots of pumpkins!

And for our costume, we all dressed up as clowns. We didn’t want to scare people. We couldn’t scare anyone! We wanted to show the fun about clowns to support all the good clowns out there in the clowning profession. Some of our best friends are clowns. In fact, one of Human’s friends even went to Clown College!

But I also had this extra costume, so I could turn into a pumpkin when it got late. Plus, it has the added advantage of warding off demons that might come trick or treating this Halloween, so that’s quite handy actually.

Did you know that the record for the world’s heaviest pumpkin was set this year in Belgium? Over a tonne! Thank goodness we didn’t have to carve that!

But my pumpkin costume suits me, don’t you think? Because everyone always says I’m really some pumpkins! And that’s Jeffervescent!

Happy Halloween!


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