That's Jeffervescent!

Oh, That Tina!

That’s Jeffervescent! – by Jefferson Airplane

Today, I took a renewed dislike to Tina.

For months we have been getting along just fine. In fact, most of the time you would think she was just a painting on the wall, she keeps to herself so completely. But today I couldn’t stop barking at her. She was really winding me up.

So Human took her off the wall and got her to face it instead. This pleased me no end.

I’m not sure what it is about her that bothers me so much, but maybe it is the relentless staring. No matter what I do, there she is staring. If I’m eating a treat … I turn around, she’s staring. If I’m playing with a toy … I turn around, she’s staring.

Now of course, if I stare at Human, it is because I love Human. It is how we bond. But when Tina stares at me it seems to be something altogether different. If I’m completely honest, I find her a bit intimidating. I am pretty sure she is trying to start something with me. And she never ever gives even the slightest suggestion that she wants to play. She just keeps staring.

But Human sorted it out for me. The secret is to ask for help. I would never ever want to take on Tina!

Baby, maybe not. But somebody, please put Tina in the corner! That’s Jeffervescent!


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