Meet Gessy!

Gessy is a very special collie/sheepdog with Friends of the Animals Wales.

Gessy was one of the original Be That 30 For 30 in the November campaign, but sadly she didn’t find a home. Let’s right that wrong and make sure she finds her home this time, as she joins us again for the April campaign!

Let’s meet Gessy!

56F9569D-1697-4FB1-8CC9-9A5BA31FA270BTD: Tell us a bit about your rescue story.

Gessy: I was rescued from Romania and brought to the UK by Friends of the Animals Wales. They are not really sure what sort of breed I am, but everyone agrees I am some sort of pastoral breed. I think I look like Aubrey Beardsley if he decided to sweep out the chimney. I have been in rescue a really long time. Over a year in fact. My rescue story is a really long one because I was so nervous when I arrived.

BTD: What has been your biggest challenge?

Gessy: Trusting people. I had a very tough time and even though I was so young when I arrived in rescue, just under a year, I am having trouble forgetting some of my worst experiences. But as long as people give me time and patience, I will love them so much in return.

3387BC5E-1C55-4A35-B93E-59118B328109BTD: What are you greatest joys?

Gessy: I love being with other dog pals. And I love zoomies. If I have a dog that will run and run with me, then I am as happy as can be. In fact, I want to live with at least one other dog. I find good friends give me confidence. And I need that.

BTD: What about cats?

Gessy: If they stand still. I live with one now. But if they run, I just can’t help myself. But really, who could? Even cats chase other cats when they run.

BTD: What do you think is your best feature?

2E2A7901-58E3-4679-9DDD-32539D93E35BGessy: My eyes.

BTD: You have been in foster for a long while. It must feel like home. What are your favourite things about your foster home?

Gessy: I love going for walks. And I like driving in the car. And I love puddles. Mud is wonderful.

BTD: Sum up your ideal human.

Gessy: Patient. Kind. Loving. Although I am pretty sure that is everyone’s ideal human.

BTD: What does Be That 30 for 30 mean to you?

Gessy: I really hope it means I get to go home.

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