Happy Valentine’s Day!

By Aubrey Beardsley


Valentine’s Day is for the birds! 

Actually, it really is. The traditions of flowers, and gifts, and messages have more to do with the mating season of birds than with Saint Valentine (either of them, in fact … yes, there are at least two associated with 14 February – Valentine of Rome and Valentine of Terni).

But I like the old tradition of a Valentine’s lottery. Apparently an old custom in England was to draw lots for valentines on this day. And then, whomever you drew would be your valentine! While that does sound a little like the script of an Ang Lee movie, or an episode of Swingers in Suburbia, I like the idea of everyone getting to join in the game of love!

The old custom reminds me a little of rescue. So much of it really is a lottery as to whether a doggy or a kitty will get adopted. The most important thing is to improve the odds and to think about adopting a rescue pet. We are not the social rejects, we are not the behavioural nightmares, we are some of the best dogs and cats you will ever have the privilege to know. As they say in the Washington State lottery, whose world could you change?

So I am wishing a happy Valentine’s Day to all my colleagues still in rescue. May your numbers come in!


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