Aubrey Beardsley's Gotcha Day!

Celebrate good times!

By Aubrey Beardsley


So, today is my gotcha day. That means it is the day I was officially adopted and began my new life. It’s an important day, perhaps more important than my birthday (if I remembered it!), because it celebrates all the effort of a lot of people that went into getting me where I am today. So in celebrating my adoption, we are also celebrating all those wonderful people.

Now I am sure there are lots of cynics out there … why celebrate a dog’s birthday? why celebrate a dog’s gotcha day? the dog has no idea, it is just for the humans. Well, even if you think the dog has no idea (and I disagree!), why not celebrate those humans!? 

But the reason I disagree with those who dismiss the dog’s perspective on events is that any celebration is also all about praise. The meaning of the word itself is to recognise someone’s worth and significance. So praise is very important to both humans and dogs. 

Praise is all about communication and belief, and so it builds beneficial relationships and trust between humans and dogs. When someone believes in you it motivates you to do anything. And thank goodness for rescue dogs there are a lot of wonderful people out there who believe in them.

Praise is all about value and worth, and it is important to value that relationship between human and dog, and to value and appreciate the amazing dogs that come through rescue. To celebrate a rescue is to celebrate just how special we are and all the people who believed in us to get us here.

Finally, praise is usually all about the qualities and wonders of the receiver of that praise. So for a rescue dog like me, it is amazing to be celebrated.

So, I love a party! Happy people, and lots and lots of praise. Just for being me.

Let’s celebrate good times!



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