Meet Johnno! – REHOMED!

Johnno is a very handsome Lurcher lad, waiting at Lozza’s Lurcher Rescue for that special someone. – REHOMED!

Let’s meet Johnno!

043A0FF9-10E3-4C24-B277-321321A19A52BTD: Tell us your rescue story, Johnno.

Johnno: I was in Ireland and running out of options, when Lozza’s Lurcher Rescue came to get me. I hadn’t had the best time, so I was very relieved to get out.

BTD: How was life before rescue?

Johnno: It wasn’t too good, to be honest. I even lost my tail in an accident. So I am a little wary in new situations. But I just put that down to being street-wise. I don’t jump in feet first. I like to have a little sniff first.

BTD: What are the best things about being out?

Johnno: I really love dogs, so the chance to be playing and running with other dogs has been wonderful. In fact, I would like to live with another dog if I can, as I would love that friendship and guidance.

BTD: What are your greatest strengths?

E3B8035F-25AF-4C36-A716-12E3A142D55AJohnno: Well, I’m really strong when I play! Maybe sometimes too strong! But all I need is a good playmate and the sky will be the limit. In fact, the sky may well be the only limit because I’m a Lurcher, after all. My other greatest strength is my enormous heart.

BTD: What is your favourite feature?

Johnno: My beautiful eyes.

BTD: What does it mean to you to take part in Be That 30 for 30?

Johnno: I really hope it means a home.


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