Meet Teddy! – REHOMED!

Teddy is a 9 month old Cavalier King Charles x Bichon Frise who is with Friends of the Animals. [Teddy has found a home!]

Let’s meet Teddy!

F7B6B46C-87F8-435A-A674-664A972982E8BTD: Tell us a little bit about your rescue story?

Teddy: I was actually living in a home environment, but things didn’t work out for me and I ended up at Friends of the Animals. But I really love humans of all ages. And I can even be rehomed with children over 5 years old. I really am a super little pup.

BTD: How is your social life in your foster home?

Teddy: I live with another dog and I really love having a pal. I also live with a cat and I quite like the cat too! I really do get along with everyone. And my pals help me cope when my foster human is out. In fact, I am just a young pup, but I have free range of the house and I’m as happy as Teddy! I’m clean and I’m not destructive. I’m pretty close to perfect, even if I say so myself.

BTD: What is your worst feature?

Teddy: My worst feature is also my best feature. It’s my hair! It just keeps growing and growing. So my humans need to understand that grooming will be a big part of their lives. But I am really good at the groomer. I even fell asleep in the process. I think of the groomer’s as my spa day.

BTD: And apart from your hair, what is your other best feature?

Teddy: I am super smart. So if you can offer me an active home with some algebra as well, I’m your pup!

BTD: Describe your ideal home.

Teddy: Sofas. Humans. And a dog pal.

BTD: What does being a part of Be That 30 for 30 mean to you?

Teddy: A chance to have a life full of regular spa sessions!


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