Meet That Dog!

Aubrey Beardsley

Aubrey Beardsley is a Pyrenean Sheepdog from the Poiana Rusca Mountains in Hunedoara County in Romania. Aubrey joined the team in 2014 as the youngest of the founding members of Be That Dog, thanks to the wonderful people at Bobitza’s Ark. Aubrey is known for his enthusiasIMG_5007m for life, love, and lie-ins, and is especially famous for his trade mark move, the Aubretisation (a super cuddle and triumphant bounce, often accompanied by an immobilisation of the beneficiary of the Aubretisation in the process). To be Aubretised is now so sought after, that people far and wide are hoping for an opportunity. Aubrey has been known to Aubretise many famous people, from the entire Pyrenean Sheepdog stand at Discover Dogs, right up to the Chairman of Liberty London. Aubrey is also known for founding #LogOn and #RockOn, surmounting obstacles all around London. Aubrey also tweets his views @ShepherdsPieDog and can be seen regularly partaking in cafe culture as part of the North London literary set. You can find all of Aubrey Beardsley’s posts here.

Huw Le Lytle

IMG_2362Huw Le Lytle is a Bedlington Terrier, rescued from sleeping rough in South Wales by the wonderful charity, Friends of the Animals RCT (FOARCT) in 2013. Maybe of all the group, Huw has had the biggest battles to overcome. Huw doesn’t talk much about those days, it was certainly a time he prefers to put behind him, but he was rather cruelly mistreated on the street until a band of very passionate and dedicated rescuers from Friends of the Animals Wales genuinely saved his life. And then the friendship of a certain wonderful and much missed Otterhound gave him the confidence to see the world anew. These days he is known for being the cutest, sleeping atop pillow mountains, and enjoying regular cuddles with his bestie, Bulldog Drummond the kitty. Read all of Huw’s posts here. Huw tweets from @HuwsThere #HuwIsTheCutest

Jefferson Airplane

img_2837Jefferson Airplane, aka Jeff, is a Border Terrier X Yorkshire Terrier, rescued by the same wonderful charity that brought us Huw. He is one of the newest members of the team, having arrived 26th May 2016. He was surrendered into rescue by his owners at the tender age of 5 months. Jeff is known for his indefatigable joie de vivre. Everything is wonderful, everything is fun, everything has something to smile about. Despite his difficult beginnings, Jeff has hit the ground running and is making it his life’s mission to make friends everywhere. All Jeff’s posts can be found here. Jeff tweets at @JeffTakes Off – Jefferson Airplane has taken off and the sky’s the limit! #JeffTakesOff

Howard Spring

img_0989Howard Spring is a rough-coated Parson Russell Terrier who found himself in rescue at 11 months, after being in a cage since he was acquired as a puppy. He hadn’t met any dogs and he’d never been to a park when he arrived in rescue with Friends of the Animals Wales. Human met him a few days after he arrived in rescue and he was soon to join the team. Howard’s interests include mirrors, balls, squeaky toys, scaling heights, exploring fireplaces, and high-speed sofa zoomies. All of Howard’s special wisdom can be found here. Howard tweets at @HowardsWayOut – because Howard’s way is always way out! #HowardsWayOut

Founding Member – Leopold Bloom

Leo passed away 18 January 2016, at the grand old age of 17 years. He went peacefully and naturally in his sleep, on one of his favourite chairs. Just the way he wo8FA53515-B049-427E-A75B-2E56842AF64D-2.jpguld have wanted. And we miss him every day.

Leo’s wit and wisdom endures on Twitter – @Cafeterrier #EverybodyLovesLeo

Remembering Leo – by the Be That Dog team

We love you, Leo – by Huw Le Lytle


The Original Be That Dog! Team

Clockwise from top left: Finnegan Otterhound, Leo Bloom, Huw Le Lytle, and Aubrey Beardsley