Meet Alfie! – REHOMED!

Alfie is an amazing little Parson Russell Terrier cross, currently with Terrier SOS UK while he waits for his special human. – REHOMED!

So, what’s it all about, Alfie?

45E6948B-9CF8-4681-A095-F24261761CF5BTD: How did you come to find yourself in rescue?

Alfie: Well, I was found wandering in the countryside in Spain, which sounds really good, but I wasn’t in very good shape at all. In fact I had some painful wounds to my neck. Luckily for me, I was found by a nice human and they took me to a local shelter. And even more luckily for me, the local shelter contacted Terrier SOS in the UK to see if they could help me.

BTD: And what happened when you came to the UK?

Alfie: Well, I kind of hit the jackpot. I have been fostered by the head human of Terrier SOS! This means I am living the life of Alfie. Which was a long time coming. But speaking of a long time coming, so is my human. Because I have been in foster since just before last Christmas. That’s a whole year!

BTD: And what are your favourite interests, Alfie?

Alfie: I love standing at a tree and looking at squirrels. I don’t know if my enjoyment is shared by the squirrels though. I also love zoomies with pals. Probably even more than staring at squirrels. Because my pals like zoomies too. I also like tennis balls. Which is funny, because I’ve shown no interest in actual tennis. And I really love cuddles. My foster human understands that my favourite place to sleep will probably be curled up on your shoulder. So my human will need to like cuddles too. I love cuddling humans. Despite what some humans have done to me, I don’t think all humans are bad. In fact, some of them are absolutely amazing.

BTD: What does it mean to be part of 30 for 30?

Alfie: Well, like I said, I’ve been waiting in rescue for a whole year. That’s a very, very long time for a dog. It would mean absolutely everything to me to find out that my journey days were over, and that the sofa was really mine, all mine. Well, mine and some others too, that’s ok too.

BTD: So, is every dog an Alfie?

Alfie: Not in your life! I’m special. And I know my human will be special too. Which is why I have had to wait so long I guess. But I am hoping this campaign will do the trick. And what’s it going to be all about? It’s going to be all about a forever home!


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