All In Advent

All in Advent Window 4!

December 4 and one window more! Here’s a kindness we adore!

Teach someone something new.

Those who *can* do teach!

Teaching someone something new takes understanding, patience, and of course kindness! Teaching someone something new is a gift in itself. It not only helps another but also keeps you learning too, which keeps you happy and hopeful. But the other thing about teaching someone something new is that it is about connecting with another person and that builds community and belonging.

It might be as simple as showing someone an easier way to do something at work or home, or teaching them a new word, or a new fact, or a new trick (yes, don’t forget the other-than-human animal people too!). It could even be a new game (like Jeff teaching the kitties, Lora Logic and Poly Styrene, the fun of playing with balls in the ball pit!). It really could be any little thing that will brighten someone’s day. Teaching someone something new and simple is really fun, it’s really special, and it’s really kind.

And as you count your way to Christmas in kindness, don’t forget to share your stories. Witnessing kindness is actually good for everyone, so sharing your kindness countdown does even more good than you know! You can share your #AllinAdvent experience with us (in all the usual places, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email) and together we can build a genuine social network this Christmas.

All in Advent! Are you in? Because we are all in! 💖


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