Meet Bubbles!

Bubbles is a 4 year old, black and white Labrador X with Friends of the Animals Wales.

Bubbles was in the original November campaign but sadly did not find a home. So she is joining us again in the April campaign. Let’s find her a home this April!

Let’s meet Bubbles!

82E2958D-780A-4953-9871-1F64444BC853BTD: Tell us your rescue story.

Bubbles: I was abandoned by my family. And really, no-one can understand why. I love all humans, I am really affectionate, I am not destructive (not even my toys!), I happily share all my toys and humans, I’m housetrained, and I am even a good car traveller! Really, what’s not to love!?

BTD: Do you have any faults?

Bubbles: Well, ok, maybe. I don’t like other girl dogs. And with some bitches it can suddenly turn into a scene from Heathers. So I probably shouldn’t set up house with a bunch of female housemates any time soon. I also have a difficult relationship with any small animals and cats. So I cannot live with cats. But nobody’s perfect.

BTD: And what is your greatest talent?

B718402A-A842-4455-BA20-D3257A03C9EEBubbles: My cuddles.

BTD: And what is your best feature?

Bubbles: My beautiful markings. I am really rather lush.

BTD: And what does being a part of Be That 30 for 30 mean to you?

Bubbles: I thought being abandoned was the end of the world. Turns out is was the beginning of a much better one! I hope being part of this will change my world for good!

You can read all Bubbles’s guest posts during the campaign in Bubbles, Welcome to the Girl World!


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