Meet Dave! – ADOPTED!

Dave is a 2 year old Jack Russell Terrier, currently with Friends of the Animals Wales while he waits for his new home. – UPDATE: Dave is adopted!

Let’s meet Dave!

463CBAA6-FAD3-454B-AA72-496637FA3860BTD: Hi Dave, having found yourself in rescue, has it changed your view of the world?

Dave: You know what, it hasn’t. I think of it like this. Why blame the cook if the waiter spills the food? There are good people. And until I find out otherwise I always assume that everyone is good. In fact, I just love people. Big ones, small ones, tall ones, little ones. In fact, the little ones are especially good, because they often have toys. And I also really love toys.

BTD: Do you have any faults?

Dave: If I have any faults it is believing the best in everyone and everything. Is that a fault? Sometimes it’s a fault. Sometimes I don’t realise when a dog wants to stop playing. I just want to keep playing. Really it is all about my love of life. So I guess my one fault is my enthusiasm. But one Jack Russell’s fault is another person’s treasure.

BTD: And what is your greatest talent?

Dave: My bravery. I am fearless. I will try anything. Honestly, they should make movies about me.

BTD: And what are some of your favourite interests?

2331756F-FFD2-48F1-8B13-5F777DDD3312Dave: Water. I love getting in water. I love ponds, and rivers, and mud. Oh, I just love mud. And riding in cars. I love riding in cars. And walks, I love walks. Lots of walks. And jumping on tables. And scaling mountains. And my new human. I know I will just love them.

BTD: And what does being a part of Be That 30 for 30 mean to you?

Dave: That fortune favours the brave!


You can read all Dave’s guest posts during the campaign in Braveheart! A Little Jack Russell’s Search For Home.


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