Meet Smurf! – ADOPTED!

Smurf is a very handsome Staffordshire Bull Terrier with Glendee Dog Rescue. UPDATE: Smurf has been adopted!

Smurf was in the original November campaign but sadly did not find his home. So he is joining us again for the April campaign. Let’s find Smurf a great home this April!

Let’s meet Smurf!

3A123988-1AA8-4343-A613-DE02DF244312BTD: Tell us about your rescue story.

Smurf: I was abandoned. My old owner tied me to a gate and left me there. I’m not sure why they tied me up if they were never coming back. Humans can be very difficult to understand. So nobody is really sure how old I am. And I can’t remember, because I never got to celebrate any birthdays. But my biggest dream is to celebrate my gotcha day. If I’m lucky enough to get adopted.

BTD: How is your social life in rescue?

Smurf: I’ve made so many new friends at Glendee Dog Rescue. I like other dogs, so maybe I could have a girlfriend in my new home. That would be nice. Out on a walk I can get a bit worried when people get too close. I just need space, that’s all.

BTD: What is your biggest fear?

Smurf: The dark. Really. It is. And I am a little bit scared of men too when I first meet them.

BTD: What is your biggest dream?

Smurf: I guess it is the same as everybody’s here. My biggest dream is to be adopted. I try to meet new people, I try to get noticed, but I keep getting overlooked. My biggest obstacle is that I am quite shy, and I am especially shy and worried around men. I really like to take my time to get to know new humans. And some humans just won’t give me the time. But I just need that one human who will. Like they say, you just need one good human to change your world.

BTD: What are your favourite things?

Smurf: I love going for walks, and sniffing, and exploring. I also love snoozing. And I love food. And although toys weren’t a big part of my old life, I love them now!

BTD: Describe your ideal home.

Smurf: I think I would like to live with just grown-up humans. Kind and patient ones. I would like a lot of loving attention. And electricity. I don’t want to spend too much time in the dark.

BTD: What does being a part of Be That 30 for 30 mean to you?

Smurf: That hopefully my days in the dark are over! I’m in the spotlight at last!

Read all about finding the spotlight, in Dark Matters, with Smurf.


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